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Plan Your Weekend with Takalti

Something that everyone struggles with is the question, “What do you want to do this weekend?” With so many things to see and do in every city around the country, it can be difficult to find something fun, adventurous or romantic on the weekends. Takalti helps people plan their weekends quickly, easily and conveniently, all from our easy to use online platform. If you want to know what to do this weekend in your city, visit Takalti today and start your weekend off right. 

Takalti is the only weekend planner dedicated to helping singles, couples and families make the most of their weekends. With city by city information and a wide range of useful tips and advice, you’ll find accurate, up to date information you can use to plan your weekend more effectively.

Takalti offers a wide range of categories to choose from to make your user experience with us easy and hassle free. Few of our categories include:

Free Things To Do

Fun Things To Do

Things For Kids To Do

Places For Couples

Places For Families 

And Much More!

Whether you are planning a weekend trip, weekend drive or weekend getaway, Takalti has the reliable information you need right at your fingertips. Our team of weekend planning specialists gets the info from local people, search local and regional events, hotels and restaurants to find the best weekend plans to suite every need and every budget. If you want to make the most of your weekend plans, choose Takalti today!