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Medication Safety Alerts

Dexcom G4 PLATINUM and Dexcom G5 Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) Systems


Dexcom, the manufacturer of Dexcom G4 PLATINUM and G5 CGM Systems, announced that in June of 2020, they will discontinue the sale of their G4 Platinum and G5 CGM Systems. Because of this, Dexcom will no longer be making these products. In addition, they will no longer support Dexcom Share 2.

As of December 31, 2020, they will no longer support Dexcom Studio app. However, all Dexcom CGM users have access to Dexcom CLAIRITY, which Dexcom advises provides enhanced reporting and management tools. Additional information on CLARITY can be found at

Please note: Dexcom has not advised of any known safety concerns associated with the products that are being discontinued. Dexcom will now instead be offering the Dexcom G6.

CVS Caremark? Response: Dexcom expects there will be a limited supply of G4 PLATINUM and G5 CGM Systems available at pharmacies after June 2020. CVS Caremark will continue to dispense these products until current supplies are used up at which time, members will need a new prescription for an alternate product to treat their condition. To make sure your insulin therapy is not interrupted, please see your doctor for a prescription for a different product to treat your condition.

If you are currently using the G4 PLATINUM and/or G5 CGM Systems and have questions, please call your doctor or call Dexcom toll-free at 1-888-738-3646 or visit You may also call the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) consumer inquiry line toll-free at 1‑888‑INFO‑FDA (1‑888‑463‑6332) or visit

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